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As London’s premier independent Porsche specialists we know the automotive industry is always evolving. Car manufacturers are constantly improving their vehicles by using the latest skills and technology. Whether that is to make their cars faster, more eco-friendly or to include the cutting edge technology we see around us, car manufacturers are pushing the boundaries all the time. No car manufacturer is pushing the boundaries more than Porsche. From the car’s body to the interior to under the bonnet, Porsche is leading the industry in many areas. Of course, as independent Porsche specialists we have to keep up to date.

Keeping up-to-date as Your Independent Porsche Specialists

Keeping up-to-date means keeping up-to-date with both the technology and the relevant skills to work the technology. That’s why we have the same technology in our garage as you’ll find at an official Porsche dealership. While having this technology at our fingertips means that we can offer the same service, but at a better price, this offer doesn’t mean anything if – as an independent Porsche specialist – we don’t have skills to use it correctly.

Our mechanics are Porsche trained and keep up-to-date with the latest skills by attending conferences, workshops and seminars hosted the industry leading experts. With this type of knowledge, and the latest technology, you can be assured you are leaving your Porsche in the hands of London’s premier independent Porsche specialists.

Come and see London’s Independent Porsche Specialists

Don’t just take our word for it though, pop along into the garage and you can see for yourself. Whether that means talking to anyone of our Porsche trained mechanics, looking at the vast array of technology lining the walls or simply seeing the sheer number of Porsche cars in the car park – we are sure you will quickly realise why we are the independent Porsche specialists you should be using.

Contact us by calling on 0208 208 0464 or use our online form and arrange to pop into the garage today. With Porsche technology and Porsche trained mechanics but without the hefty Porsche prices, there is a lot to like about using us as your independent Porsche specialists.

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