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As an independent Porsche garage in London we know how to keep your prized car running smoothly all over the winter months. At this time of year the weather can be unpredictable and present differing road conditions for your Porsche to handle. Tyres, engines and fluid levels can all impact on the performance of your vehicle. Our service offers both minor and major Porsche servicing which can make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter weather.

Benefits of Using an Independent Porsche Garage in London

At our independent Porsche garage in London all of our mechanics are Porsche trained and we use authentic Porsche parts. It is just like using an official Porsche dealership with two exceptions – the price and the customer service. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service – knowing our customers and knowing their cars. This relates itself to greeting customers as they enter the reception through to knowing when their MOT or service is next due.

Porsche Service at our Independent Porsche Garage in London

Because we are an independent Porsche garage in London we don’t have the overheads that a main garage has – we don’t have shareholders to report too. Instead, we make sure we offer the most competitive pricing possible by using a select network of Porsche parts dealers – and we carry out all of our work in-house. By being able to keep everything in-house we can keep a close eye on the costs which means we can give our customers accurate quotes & stick to them.

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So before the New Year is here, get your car in tip-top shape by bring it to us, an independent Porsche garage in London. We will look it over and give you an accurate, quick assessment as to what needs doing. With this information you can decide what you want doing, when. Contact us by calling on 0208 208 0464 or use our online form and arrange to pop into the garage today.

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